Who I am

This is a really brief presentation about myself.
My name is Emanuele Dalmasso, I was born in august 1979 the 15th, in Cuneo a little city in north-west of italy.
To contact me send an email to dalmasso@altervista.org

Curriculum Vitae

Here is available my curriculum vitae in pdf format to be readed and downloaded, It is written following the standard convention about the european curriculum.

About my work

I am a computer science engineer (I graduate myself at the Polytechnic University of Turin).
I have a PhD in computer and systems engineering, obtained researching in the field of computer speech recognition.
Now I am working in Loquendo S.p.a., a leading italian company for speech recognition systems.
A list of my publication is available here.

About my hobbies

Going out from the professional interests to my personal life
I like sports (when I say sport I mean to go and move ... not to watch soccer at the tv ....). Now I regularly practice Ju Tai Jutsu (A traditional Martial Art teached by the yoshinryu school).
I also like playing chess, and going swimming sometimes. I have practiced Archery but I stopped it from some years.
In my spare time I also like programming computer, and developing using new programming languages and techniques.